Pubic lice images. Pubic Lice | Crabs | MedlinePlus

Pubic lice images. Pubic Lice (Crabs STD)

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Pubic Lice | Crabs | MedlinePlus

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Pubic lice also called crabs are tiny insects which usually live in the pubic or genital area of humans. They are also sometimes found on other coarse body hair, such as hair on the legs, armpits, mustache, beard, eyebrows, or eyelashes. Pubic lice on the eyebrows or eyelashes of children or teens may be a sign of sexual exposure or abuse. Pubic lice are parasites, and they need to feed on human blood to survive. They are one of the three types of lice that live on humans. The other two types are head lice and body lice. Each type of lice is different, and getting one type does not mean that you will get another type.