Lindsay lohan beaver shot. Celebrity Crotch Shots: The Art of Flashing Your Vagina | CafeMom

Lindsay lohan beaver shot. Celebrity Crotch Shots: The Art of Flashing Your Vagina

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A Bird In The Hand … Lindsay Lohan Curiously Covers Crotch On Night Out In U.K. | Radar Online

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We've been peering up the skirts of starlets for many, many decades now. Marilyn Monroe provided one of the iconic images of the 20th century when she straddled a subway grill in The Seven Year Itch with her skirt billowing around her waist. A little coy, yes, but filmmaker Nic Roeg would nail the subtext of that particular image exactly 30 years later when he re-created the scene in the film Insignificance. In Roeg's version, we get to see the working stiff operating the wind machine under the grate. Today we've been given star pussy in bulk. Web sites like The Superficial offer exquisitely bitchy commentary along with knee-level shots of wardrobe malfunctions and minge emerging from limousines, although any office worker intent on squirting pecker snot all over his desk should dig a little deeper. Off-road voyeur sites like Rob's Celebrity Oops!