2010 olympics ladies figure skating. Vancouver Individual women - Olympic Figure skating

2010 olympics ladies figure skating. 2010 Olympic Preview to Ladies Figure Skating

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Figure skating at the Winter Olympics – Ladies' singles - Wikipedia

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The events took place between 14—27 February To be eligible for the Winter Games, skaters needed to be older than fifteen as of July 1, and had to be a citizen of the country they were representing. Unlike qualification rules for International Skating Union events, in the case of a pair or ice dance couple, both skaters were required to be citizens of the country they represented in competition. In addition, International Olympic Committee IOC rules required that at least three years had passed since the competitor s last represented another country in competition. There was no individual athlete qualification to the Olympics; the choice of which athlete s to send to the Games was left to the discretion of each country's National Olympic Committee NOC. The number of entries for the figure skating events at the Olympic Games was limited by a quota set by the IOC.