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Gaddafi nude. Muammar Gaddafi death

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Libyan Dictator Muammar Gaddafi's Body Lies in Misratah - TIME

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The lifeless figure, bloodied and beaten, lay naked but for tan-colored trousers, with gouge marks across his chest and a bullet hole in one temple. This was the man who instilled terror in Libyans for nearly 42 years. At the back of a food market on Friday afternoon, Oct. The cocky omnipotence that strutted over Libya for two generations had become a pathetic, brutalized cadaver. A small group of local residents filed in nervously. Blinking in the darkness before the light was switched on, they gasped as their eyes adjusted to the sight of Gaddafi's body, scarcely able to believe that they were peering at the dictator's dead face just inches away.