You always make me happy quotes. You Make Me Happy Sayings and You Make Me Happy Quotes | Wise Old Sayings

You always make me happy quotes. Thank You Always Making Me Happy Quotes, Quotations & Sayings 2019

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You Make Me Happy Sayings and You Make Me Happy Quotes | Wise Old Sayings

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A special someone can make your life better, can make a change in the way your life is going and can make your day. When you find someone that makes you smile, that makes you laugh, that basically makes you happy, you have to go and tell that person just how much you appreciate all the things that he or she does for you. Make him or her feel a whole lot better by sending him or her these you make me happy quotes that are sure to make him or her smile! I want to stay with you for as long as I possibly could, maybe even for the rest of my life, girl. I want every day of my life to be like this, to be beside you all day long, doing nothing at all.