What countries are in the olympics 2018. Winter Olympics Parade of Nations - Wikipedia

What countries are in the olympics 2018. How Many Countries Compete In The Winter Olympics? 2018 Is A Record Breaking Year

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PyeongChang Olympics | Next Winter Games in Korea

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This was the second time that South Korea had hosted the Olympic Games , having previously hosted the Summer Olympics in Seoul, but it was only the first Winter Olympics to be held in the country. It was the first of three consecutive Olympics to be held in East Asia , the following two being Tokyo summer and Beijing winter. It was the third time that an East Asian country had hosted the Winter Games, after Sapporo and Nagano , both of these cities in Japan. It was also the first Winter Olympics to be held in mainland Asia. The Games featured events over 15 disciplines, a record number of events for the Winter Games. Four events made their Olympic debut in "big air" snowboarding , mass start speed skating , mixed doubles curling , and mixed team alpine skiing. After a state-sponsored doping program was exposed following the Winter Olympics, the Russian Olympic Committee was suspended, but selected athletes were allowed to compete neutrally under the special IOC designation of " Olympic Athletes from Russia " OAR.