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Sasha movie 2010. Sasha (2010)

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Sasha – Variety

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In this traditional family setting, Sasha is unable to tell them he is a homosexual. His preparations for an important upcoming audition, which will determine his future, are thrown into turmoil when he learns his teacher Gebhard Weber Tim Bergmann , who he is smitten with, is leaving. This prompts Sasha to come out to his best friend Jiao Yvonne Yung Hee , who has her own feelings for him. Sasha's parents also believe that she is Sasha's girlfriend. After coming to terms with Sasha's feelings, she suggests he declare them to Gebhard. At this time, his family life becomes increasingly strained with his father suggesting they return to their native country, which his mother disagrees with, and Boki's attempts to woo Jiao continue to fail. After failing the audition, he confesses his love to Gebhard.