Relationship topics. 25 Topics to Talk About in a Happy Relationship

Relationship topics. 11 Conversation Topics That Have The Potential To Save A Relationship

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Relationships - Trending Topics

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When a relationship seems to be flailing, it usually stems from some lack of communication. Whether you're holding back what's on your mind or ending every night with a crazy fight, sometimes you just need to sit down and have a proper talk. There are a number of conversations that have the potential to save a relationship, and although they might feel uncomfortable at first to bring up, they could really make or break if you stay with your partner — and it could be a worth a try to get everything out in the open. Everyone's relationship is different and issues can vary, but if you're feeling distant from your partner, certain topics can help bridge that gap and give your love affair another chance. Here are 11 conversations that have the potential to save a relationship.