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Icarly hot pics. Miranda Cosgrove (From ICarly)

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Miranda Cosgrove Bikini Pictures

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Sexy Miranda Cosgrove bikini photos taken from around the Web. The young star first gained recognition as bossy middle-schooler Summer in the Jack Black starring School of Rock , but now that she's all grown up, the sexy starlet is turning plenty of heads. It's clear that Miranda Cosgrove is among Hollywood's hottest women, and she's a regular fixture in fashion photography and on online gossip and celebrity photo sites as well as on the lead role of Carly on the Disney Channel's iCarly. This may be why fans are constantly searching for hot photos of Miranda Cosgrove looking good in swimwear and bikinis. Fortunately for them, Miranda Cosgrove is not shy and sports bikinis regularly, making it relatively easy to find the sexiest posed and candid shots of Miranda Cosgrove in revealing swimwear.