How many olympics has america won. How Many Medals Team USA Has Won in the Winter Olympic Games — The Final Olympic Medal Count

How many olympics has america won. How Many Medals Has The US Won At The Rio Olympics? The Official Count Has Begun

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United States at the Olympics - Wikipedia

There are two tables presented, the first just lists the top countries based on the total medals won, the second table factors in how many Olympic Games the country appeared, averaging the total number of medals per Olympiad. A victory in a team sport is counted as one medal. The top 10 includes one country no longer in existence the Soviet Union , so their medal totals will obviously not increase, however China is expected to continue a rapid rise up the ranks. With the addition of the data, China has moved up from 11th in to 9th to 7th The ranking in this table is based on the average total medals per Olympiad, though whether using total golds or total all medals, the list order is essentially the same. Share: Facebook Twitter.