Flappers 1920s images. Flapper | Pictures of the s Flapper Girl

Flappers 1920s images. Flappers in the Roaring Twenties

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Flapper | Pictures of the s Flapper Girl

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Prohibition jump-started the Jazz Age. As songwriter Hoagy Carmichael put it, the s came in "with a bang of bad booze, flappers with bare legs, jangled morals and wild weekends. Scott Fitzgerald, during Prohibition, "The parties were bigger…the pace was faster…and the morals were looser. At the stroke of midnight January 16th, , America went dry. There wasn't a place in the country including your own home where anyone could legally have a glass of wine with dinner without breaking the law. The 18th Amendment, also known as the Volstead Act, prohibited the manufacture, sale and possession of alcohol in America. Prohibition lasted for thirteen years.