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Drachi. Euro falls sharply as ECB's Draghi clears path more stimulus

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WoRMS - World Register of Marine Species - Astrotoma drachi Guille,

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. Drachi

The H'drachi were a species of sentient , humanoid sapients indigenous to the Expansion Region planet M'haeli. Somewhat resembling cameloids , the H'drachi were highly in tune with the Force , with a high number of the species being Force-sensitive. Diminutive, fur-covered cameloids , the H'drachi were mammals with short brown hair covering their bodies and had thin arms and legs. A H'drachi and two Tynnans. The native species to the world of M'haeli, the H'drachi were subservient to Human colonist who usurped power and ruled the planet. Despite this, the H'drachi took comfort in their ability to read the future through an energy field they called the time-stream.