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2012 paralympics advert song. Harder Than You Think

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“Yes I Can!” Channel 4 create “best Paralympic TV commercial ever!”

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. paralypics

Serving as a follow-up to " Meet the Superhumans " which was used to promote the Summer Paralympics in London , the advert featured people of various backgrounds and disabilities including several British Paralympic athletes performing different activities and physical feats. The advert faced criticism for allegedly conveying unrealistic expectations of people with disabilities, stemming from Channel 4's marketing campaigns for the Paralympics having promoted the athletes as having "superhuman" traits. Channel 4 stated that it worked with disability organizations to ensure its portrayals were accurate, while participant Alvin Law argued that the broadcaster was merely intending to promote Paralympic athletes as having the same athletic qualities as Olympic athletes. Through a major advertising campaign, the broadcaster sought to promote the Paralympics as being an "event in its own right", as opposed to an afterthought to the Olympic Games which precede them. An aspect of this campaign was a trailer entitled "Meet the Superhumans", which showcased the athletic and "superhuman" qualities of Paralympic sport.